Morgan Bissell

Then & Now

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Born in New York, Michael is often a much acclaimed American clothing designer. He started designing clothes in the young era of 19. Fresh with an extent from the fashion Institute of Technology in New York, he soon launched the Michael Kors women’s wear line. Several celebrities to be able to spotted while using Michael Kors handbags. Some of …

Road Rash

Cyclists & Shaved Legs

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There are many reasons for why all levels of cyclists choose to shave their legs. From beginners to advanced pros, the most beneficial reason for shaving legs is it is easier to clean road rash after a crash.  For those who aren’t quite sure what road rash is, let me give you a quick explanation.  When cyclists crash while riding on …


2nd Grade outreach – Cycling4aCure

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As a fellow alumnus of St. Edward-Epiphany School Class of 2007, I am pleased to announce the second grade outreach project will be in support in Cycling4aCure! Every year, the grades of Pre-K to 8th  sponsor an organization as their outreach project. For example, eighth grade may sponsor the Central Virginia Food Bank and the fourth grade may sponsor another …