Day 42 – Asheboro, NC to Brassfield, NC

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On Day 42 of our adventure team Cycling4aCure and family went to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where, thanks to the donations by Kevin, Bridget, Connor, Jackson and Cate Murphy and Marita Maier; Tom and Cheryll Bissell; Chris, Kathy, Patrick, William, Katie and Lily Acker and Mike, Renae, Connor, Victor and Natalie Hall, we were able to …

Day 41 – Charlotte, NC to Asheboro, NC

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Day 41 of our excursion kicked off with a meet and greet at Cindy’s Hope Chest where we got a chance to meet many of the people who Cindy has helped throughout the years and have been encouraging us on throughout our journey. After this motivating encounter we set back out on the road till we hit the town of …

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Day 40 -Ware Shoals, SC to Charlotte, NC

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Cruising through South Carolina on Day 40 of our adventure we found ourselves sporadically hit with rain along the way. Nevertheless it remained a smooth ride until we hit Sumter National Park where a downed tree made it impossible for our trailer to pass through. Fortunately, a kind stranger who was passing through was able to clear the path for …